Tradition since almost 100 years!

In our traditional, specialized store we are grinding all kinds of knives, scissors and tools since our foundation in 1919.

The founder – Friedrich Jürges I – learned the craft of scissor grinding in the german town of Solingen. At the time scissors were produced and grinded manually.

The grinding of tools for meat and sausage producing machines remained relevant in our business – the professional and traditional grinding since 3 generations by masterhand is a philosophy of our company.

In an increasing scale we are also grinding knives for commercial gastronomy and private chefs. A professional basic sharpening is for every user of cooking knives a must have – at least every few years.

Intermediate all knives have to be hold sharp with a sharpening stone or steel – both are in various kinds available in our store.

The grinding in  before / after comparison:

Prices for grinding cooking knives:

  • to 18 cm bladelenght – 9,80 € incl. MwSt.
  • to 26 cm bladelenght – 11,90 € incl. MwSt.
  • to 35 cm bladelength – 14,30 € incl. MwSt.

The processing time takes 2 -3 workdays.


Meatprocessing and gastronomy:
• Cutterknives 11 – 500 ltr. all variations
• knives and discs for mincers – Ø 82 – Ø 200 all variations
• Butcher knives with and without waves
• Axes and dividers in all variations
• Tools and knives for food processors in all variations
• Kitchenknives with and without waves
• Knives and discs for mincers Ø 60 – Ø 400 mm
• Dessertknives
• Knives for slicers in all measurements and variations
• Planing chopping blocks hygienic and proper as new

and counting much more for commercial gastronomy and kitchens!

For the private household
• Cooking and pocketknives in all variations – also in damascus steel and waveknives
• Scissors in all kind of variations
• Woodcuttingsaws
• Tools for gardening like lawn mower knives, planers, chisels and counting much more!

Our qualified grinding and repairservice in our own workshop will bring your tools fast and cost effective back in track! Do not hesitate to call or question us for further information.