Foundation and early beginnings

In 1919, shortly after World War I, the scissors grinder Friedrich Jürges I, who was born in Solingen, founded the identically named company for grinding and steelware near today’s location at Hamburg slaughterhouse.

Since 1895 swine, cattle, sheep and horses have been slaughtered at the only slaughterhouse for Hamburg and its environs.

In the twenties, the first mechanical meat processing machines for the production of sausages – built in Thuringia, Saxony and Berlin – were established. At that time the basic equipmen of the butcheries consisted of a meat mincer and a cutter powered by a motor with a driving belt.

Sausage machines were driven manually by a crank.

In the beginning, Friedrich Jürges I made small repairs of meat processing machines and ground the instruments for butcheries. During the thirties the small company developed constantly. Even during World War II the company continued its work, though to a limited extent.

Post war period

In january 1946, the son Friedrich Jürges II, a cutler master, joined the company. In 1947, the bombed out workshop area was rebuilt and the rooms for grinding, repairs and service were expanded.

The economic boom in the fifties caused foundations of several meat processing companies. At the same time the trade in new machines and devices increased, partially also in second-hand or reconditioned machines. The company was able to hire new workers and increased further on,

In 1968 the company moved into new modern offices; so presentation of products could be essentially improved. More purchasers of the gastronomic sector could be won.

In april 1976 the engine fitter Friedrich Jürges III, the present owner, took up work. Soon after he took his examination for the master’s certification in cutting tool mechanic.

As a result of the change of structures in the industrial and non-industrial butcheries during the eighties first efforts were made in exporting reconditioned machines, with great success. Especially the political transformation in the beginning of the nineties and the progress of globalisation helped to increase the export to several countries, especially in eastern Europe.

Current developements

In 1995, the long-standing employee, Mr. Roland Streich, who has been responsible for sale and service within Germany, became a co-owner of Friedrich Jürges GmbH,

Grinding service, repairs and assembling shop and the trade in professional cooking and meat processing implements have always been an important part of the company.

The amount of caterers and private customers who appreciate our premium products have increased in recent years.

The increasing global demand, especially from customers in eastern Europe, resulted in the foundation of an additional company location in Latvia in 1997. There is a large workshop where used meat processing machines of all kinds are totally dismantled and completely built up with new replacements. Then the fully overhauled machines are globally shipped.