New machines

Our offer for exclusively new, german machines includes the whole sector for butchery and dissection as well as all kinds of mechanical equipment for sausage production, cooking- and smokingtechnology.

In detail:

  • Slaughterhouse equipment for pigs, cattles and sheep
  • Machinetechnology for the rough and and partial dissection of cattles and pigs
  • Machines for scalding and scrathing pigs
  • Derinding machines
  • Dicing machines
  • Bandsaws
  • Meatgrinders in all kind of measurements and variations
  • Bowlcutters, machines for delicat comminution in all kinds of measurements and variations
  • Sausagestuffers as hydraulic piston fillers and vacuum fillmachine incl. cliptechnique in all variations
  • Pickleinjectors
  • Machines for blending
  • Flake ice machines in all measurements and variations
  • Boiler devices
  • Cooking-and smokingtechnologies, as well as ripening and climate chambers in all kinds of measurements, variatons and heating possibilites
  • Vacuum packing machines
  • Mechanical equipment like slicers, small meat grinders, table bandsaws, steakers, manual sausage filling machines or warmkeeping machines

The technical diversity allows every other possible custumized solution for your user problems. With our long tradition and experience we will make you a custumized offer to an interesting price.

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